How is Money Used?
Since our beginning in August 2003, Any Soldier® has become world known, and we currently support the majority of the military deployed in the war on terrorism.

The rest need your help -- and so do we.

Any Soldier Inc. is still in desperate need of donations to fund our operations.  The economy has hit us very hard and donations have declined drastically over the last several years.  Your donations will allow us to continue to focus on certain high-priority initiatives we are undertaking, including:
  • Maintaining and generating Soldier contacts. This is currently a process that we manage by word of mouth, but to make it more effective we strive to become recognized by the Department of Defense so that we have an official method to initiate cooperation with the units. We also plan to develop additional methods to contact and support Soldiers who do not currently have the communications tools to be in our program.  
  • Developing effective and creative ways for you to support the Soldiers, including ways for you to do this in a tax-deductible fashion.  
  • Creating cooperative and useful alliances with manufacturers and distributors of items that are requested by the Soldiers, so our supporters online have ready and affordable access to these items.
  • Improving delivery methods for your care packages. This includes building an ongoing relationship with the military mail systems (APO and FPO) to improve communications between these organizations and our supporters (especially improving the wording of their guidelines to avoid confusion) and working with the US Postal Service to streamline package delivery to Soldiers.
  • Spreading the word about how people can support Soldiers and the ways Any Soldier® is working to make that happen.

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