To our loyal supporters, another year has passed us by, and we continue to work hard for our service members.  Times have gotten even tougher for us and donations continue to dwindle, but we keep pushing to serve our service members.  This is the 13th annual fundraiser and we hope you can spare a little donation to help.  Our website still needs a brand new update and we just don't have the funds to support doing it at this time.  We have been saving since last year's fundraiser, but only approximately 10% of our goals were met.  The donations we currently receive go to website hosting and overhead expenses, but allows no room for a complete makeover.

As many of you know, Marty Horn, Founder and President of Any Soldier Inc., passed away in February 2017 after a long battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.  Marty dedicated his life to the sustainment of Any Soldier Inc., no matter how hard the economy hit us.  Our service members and their support from people from all over the world were his first priority.  He made it very clear to the Horn family that the continued success of Any Soldier Inc. and its support was his wish.  The Horn Family continues to strive to make this happen.  With this in mind, we pray that Any Soldier supporters will once again join together and try to reach our goal fundraising goal in Marty's memory.

This is our 13th annual Donations for Appreciation in Memory of Marty Horn fundraiser.  We are trying to reach our goal of $50,000 by Independence Day 2024.  We cannot reach our goal without all of YOU and we ask all of our supporters and Support Junkies to help Any Soldier Inc. once again.  This fundraiser helps us every year cover the declining donations due to the economy and for the survival of our organization.  You may make a donation by going to the "Donations" page and telling all your friends and family or you can become a personal fundraising participant.

We invite you to show your appreciation to the men and women of our military services through this great fundraiser. 

All donations are tax deductible!

It's easy to become a fundraising participant.  Just go to the "Be a Participant" page, set your fundraising goal and tell all your friends and family.  Sign up as an individual, company, team, school or any other group with your own fundraising goals and help support our troops.  Supporters can donate directly on your personal page and you can watch your goal become a reality!  The top three fundraisers that raise $2500 or more will receive an official Certificate of Appreciation from Any Soldier Inc. and recognition through our website to all our servicemen and women and supporters.  Sign up now!
Minnesota Unit poses with received AnySoldier packages October 2009, Afghanistan.
Minnesota Unit poses with received AnySoldier packages October 2009, Afghanistan.